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;-S Hi, my name is Max Heller and I'm currently working as a freelancer and IT-consultant.

If you want to know more about me, you may want to take a look at my Resume.

About "MHP" and "MH-Productions":
"MH-Productions" is just the logo and alias I'm using for my software and multimedia productions.
"MHP" is the abbreviation of "MH-Productions" I often use in its concentrated form (simular to that show in the top right corner) as signature for my hand-drawings or other 'non-digital' creations.

History of the logo:
Way back, while I was in the 7th grade, my parents thought that I should take the basic computer course at my high school. As final work assignment we had to write a GWBasic program that 'encrypted' and 'decrypted' a text using caesar cipher. Fortunately I had read an article about it recently, so I decided to write a program (called "Brutus") that broke the code by analysing the character occurrences instead. And because I still had some time left after implementing the algorithm, I designed a nice little text-UI and a start-up logo animation - but I didn't had a logo yet... BTW: I spent the rest of the week adding a special feature that played the tune of " Axel F" (the theme of "Beverly Hills Cop (1984)") during the computations...
Than, in the last minute I chose my initials and added "Productions", because I thought it would sound more professional - and somehow I stuck with it...
Using the same logo animation for most of my early programs (you can still see the concept for the character movement on the start page for this homepage and in the beginning of the "Making of TVAbie" -video .), I just signed some drawings in the creative-arts class with "MH-P".That signature caught the attention and imagination of my art teacher, so he is to credit for the idea of using a single literal with a shifted down 'P' as seen above.
Copyright (C) 2004 by Max Heller  - Disclaimer