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Currently I am working on the following projects:

diploma thesis:
"Focusing Assistance for Digital Cameras based on Image Compression Methods"
diploma thesis
In the photography the correct focusing is highly responsible for the sharpness of a picture.
This paper presents an intelligent way to assist the user in the task of adjusting the focus without limiting his creativity, like most commercial "Auto focus" feature do. Possible interesting areas of the motive are offered to him for focusing. These are determined by an analysis of the local change of the focusing measure. The image compression method JPEG, which is integrated in most modern digital cameras already, is used to calculate the local focusing. Furthermore its applicability for this will be proven.
Download thesis as PDF (german - 5447 kb)
Download software as ZIP (583 kb)
Download presentation as PPT (english - 718 kb) (german - 719 kb)

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