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Heliotrops: (Version 1.05.20040405)
(This version is just a small update to 1.05 for compatibility with Java 1.3 on faster machines.)

The objective is simple: collect everything in a level!
Loading may take a little while - Click to start...

accelerate press "Up" key
break press "Down" key
turn left press "Left" key
turn right press "Right" key
climb press "W" key
decline press "S" key
more graphic detail press "Page-Up" key
less graphic detail press "Page-Down" key
toggle auto reverse press "Shift"+"M" key
change accel/brake keys
with climb/decline keys
press "Shift"+"U" key
skip level press "Shift"+"L" key
show system info:
total and free memory of runtime
landscape detail and fps
percentage of System-, Wait-,
Engine- and Logic-Time
press "Shift"+"F" key
Copyright (C) 2004 by Max Heller  - Disclaimer