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In the last few years I have done the following projects:

wedding magazine:
"Süddeutsche HochZeitung"
Fourtunatly during writting my diploma thesis, I did find the time to layout a paper for my brothers wedding. It is a german tradition to present a paper at weddings with some praising and laudations and mainly embarrassing stories about the past of the couple...
The articles and photos were provided by friends and families. My father did most of the editing and I put it all together and did some image enhancing and even a little bit of drawing (see page 10).
The title and design, as well as some articles, are a slight parody of the "SZ-Magazin", but it was truly a great "south-german" (Baverian and Baden) wedding...

Download as PDF (german - 948 kb)

interdisciplinary development project:
"Mathematical methods for image processing" (2003)
As an interdisciplinary development project that combines my major subject with my minor subject "mathematics", I developed a framework for easy implementation and comparing of graphical filters. Included are a variety of filters as examples and to build upon them, ranging from simple linear to complex non-linear diffusion filters (like the Perona-Malik).
It even supports filtering the Fourier transformation of images.

Requirements: J2SE JRE or SDK 1.4 or better (Details not yet available)

system development project:
"generation of web user interfaces based on servlet and XML-technology" (2001)
In a two people team, we designed and implemented a Java-servlet for automatical generation of web-forms in various customizeable XML-dialects. These web-forms allow editing of Java-data-objects, based on a run-time-analysis of the data-objects, (and therefore the classes don't have to be known at setup time) with respect to wireless- and small-resource-devices.

Requirements: J2SE SDK 1.2 or better / web-server supporting Java-servlets (Details not yet available)

java applet game:
Heliotrops (2000-2001)
This arcade-simulation uses a fast 3D-voxel-game-engine that allows you to fly throw complex landscapes or even caves with your helicopter trying to rescue people or collecting items.
The visual level-editor allows to preview the maps and objects.

Requirements: Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.0 or better / Java 1.1 / 300 Mhz or better releases notes (old and in german)

The following projects are more of a historical interest, but nevertheless I dedicated a lot of my spare time to them, so they deserve to be listed here...

webpage design:
TVAbie online (1999)
TVAbie online
A website for our yearbook "TVAbie" (which was designed as a parody on popular German TV magazines). Including all articles, additional photo galleries, downloads, a online game, a dynamic main menu and even video streams of "Making of TVAbie" - all in all about 130 MB of fun stuff.
Unfortunately the free host vanished and therefore the site is not available anymore.

Requirements: Internet Explorer 4.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.0 or better (Details not yet available)

video processing and editing / computer graphics:
"Making of TVAbie" (1998)
Making of TVAbie
While we worked on our yearbook "TVAbie" (which was designed as a parody on popular German TV magazines), we filmed a little bit with a home video camera. I took the footage and created a MTVesque documentary running for about 40 minutes, including a lot of nonsense special effects, three music videos and a special completely computer rendered karaoke video.

Requirements: PAL-VHS- or Video-CD-Player (Details not yet available)

high school report (Facharbeit):
"Development of a program for automated curve sketching of rational functions" (1997)
For my major subject "mathematics" I developed a little program for automated curve sketching of rational functions.

Requirements: 80286 or better / DOS (Details not yet available)

graphic demo:
Black Hole (1995)
Black Hole
Planned as a action-packed fighting game, it ended with a big demo of the space-flight and planetscape rendering system.
Though the game never was finished, the algorithm I developed for the fast voxel animations was later reused for "Heliotrops".

Requirements: 80386 or better / 2MB EMS / DOS / VGA / Soundblaster (Details not yet available)

computer game:
Dark Mission (1993)
Dark Mission
A small roleplay-parody game, most notable for its ahead of the times speech support.
(My family and friends provided their voices to bring the funny little game to life.)

Requirements: 80286 or better / DOS / 4 MB free HD / VGA / Soundblaster (Details not yet available)

paint program:
MH-Paint (1993-94)
Due to the lack of a decent painting program for the colorful world of VGA, I wrote my own little one. It included not only fullscreen editing, palette editing and a variety of tools, it also had copy and paste, brush and zoom editing.

Requirements: 80286 or better / DOS / VGA / 3-Button-Mouse (Details not yet available)

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